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What is the difference between this and the r/VeraciousReality subreddit?

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The main difference is that within here there are things in place that do not allow NSFW content such as “Watched Words” to constrain the explicit wording that many seem to incorporate in their posts and a good portion of the time prompts those reading to relapse. Videos, Gifs, Photos can only be shared via links on Imgur, so those things will not be visible. Those are the main differences, it omits the things that make people relapse on Reddit, but there are certainly other additions that this forum software provides that make it more convenient and interactive once they’re learned.

Some small examples would include the incorporation of categories and subcategories so the feed is a lot more organized, this function can be customized to your liking not just that but the entire layout colors and all. I’ll also continue to add more to the avatars catalog.

Each user is also immediately given access to the referral program that is available for free users and its revenue generation will help fund anti-porn programs. Those comprise the main differences but there’s still a variety of other functions that improve the user experience that doesn’t seem to be on Reddit.

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Thank you for the explanation.

Of course.

I admire the website’s aesthetic as a whole; I hope it turns out successful and useful to others.

Thank you.