An anarchist’s guide to ethnobotanicals


What the fuck are ethnobotanicals?

That’s a good question. The truth is no one knows (or maybe we are just hiding it from you… lol) Ethnobotany is the study of a given region’s plants and how they are used in line with the traditional knowledge of the region’s native people. This can mean how they use plants for medicine, food, clothing, intoxicants, etc. And ethnobotanical is ‘of or pertaining to ethnobotany,’ or in other words, a plant used by native people. This shit doesn’t matter to us, or really anyone. To 99% of the people who even use the word ethnobotanical, it just means plants that get you high. Like shaman drugs specifically (meaning no opium or cocaine - you junkies). So that’s what we are going to talk about.
I attached Erowid links to all the drugs talked about so you all can find further information as well as experience reports.

Mescaline (derived from Peyote Cactus, San Pedro Cactus, or Peruvian Torch Cactus)

Ah mescaline, now this is a drug for a cultured mother fucker. Light head space, long ass duration, and usually some pretty tight visuals (very cartoon and warpy). It is oddly stimulating for a psychedelic, so this means you are meant to enjoy it outdoors, which means a park if you are poor. Of course, the desert is ideal as every loser who ever wants to do mescaline feels the need to have their own ‘Fear and Loathing’ moment in the dusty west. That’s me. I also want to do that. It’s okay that you do too. Anyways, if you take less than 500mg you are probably a big wussy. 9/10 overall score for mescaline. Great time, and super safe - you can do as much as your psyche can handle, there’s no physiological risk or any bullshit like that lol. You would have to do well over 100x the dose I recommended to even get into the danger zone for this shit so go wild (probably don’t actually take 50000mg of extracted mescaline tho lol).

Psilocybin Mushrooms (Shrooms/Magic Mushrooms)

The weed of the psychedelic world. This is totally the most commonly used psychedelic, at least here in the part of the country I come from. That combined with its relatively short duration, and (in low to medium doses) mild effects basically just makes it trippy fungus pot. Dose is 3.5g - usually. Sometimes you need more because those particular shrooms suck and yield low amounts of psilocybin (aka the drug in shrooms). The trip is pretty introspective, and the visuals are uniquely shroomy, while being similar to other tryptamines. And if you take a shit ton, you’ll find out that these mother fuckers are quite powerful too. Go ahead and take like 10g and get back to me lol. They don’t fuck around at those kind of doses. Them things will get you. They’ll slap you silly if you aren’t ready lol. All in all, a pretty solid experience, 8/10, slightly overrated. Super safe, again, basically impossible to overdose. You’d have to eat almost 2000g to get into the danger zone. So go fuckin nuts lol.

DMT (extracted in crystalline form, and in traditional ayahuasca form)

Oddly this is like the one that used to be the most elusive psychedelic to many people, but nowadays it is increasingly common, with one even being able to join a fucking ‘church’ and legally take ayahausca. Nowadays it is probably mescaline that is the rarest of the bunch to come across but that’s besides the point. Smoking 30-50mg of the crystalline DMT shit will send you to another dimension completely (and I mean this literally, it makes you feel as though you have been transported to a completely different realm lol) for all of like 15 minutes. Lol. It is absolutely the most powerful psychedelic drug, along with Salvia. Oddly both of them have incredibly short durations. DMT is definitely not for the faint of heart. But it is incredibly safe. Again, no risk of overdose here, you’d need to do over 100x the typical dose to even get into the danger zone, which I am not confident anyone could physically smoke before being incapitacitated by the drugs. Go absolutely wild, I guess. Lol. This is not one to fuck around with, though. This drug is strong. And the trip will slap you silly. All in all, 9/10 experience, definitely one to try.


This is like DMT, but for psychotic people. Salvia also transports you to another dimension. But also you are confused and scared the whole time. It’s like waking up incredibly drunk with the spins, but like you’re at your friends house and you forgot you went to sleep there so you literally don’t know where you are and you’re freaking out for like a split second right? Well, except that split second is the entire trip. And also there’s hyperdimensional space beings. Despite this, it’s totally a must do experience. I absolutely rate it 9/10. I don’t have a recommended dose, because you totally just smoke it until you can’t smoke anymore. That’s when you know you are there. Very safe drug, physiologically, by the way.

LSA (Morning Glory seeds, or Haiwaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds)

This is honestly a dope drug for what it is. It is the naturally occuring precursor to LSD. Typically, LSA is synthesized from ergotamine found in ergot fungus and then synthesized into LSD. But it does naturally occur in morning glory flower seeds as well as hawaiian baby woodrose seeds. It is just more convenient to synthesize it, quantity wise, in terms of LSD production. This doesn’t matter in this discussion though, what matters is that if you chew up and dip these seeds (aka sublingual administration through your gums) or you chew up and swallow them, you will get a fucking sweet high off of them. What is sweet is that your local Walmart totally stocks these and you can definitely get really high off of them, just make sure to get the “heavenly blue” variety morning glory seeds. If you eat them, eat 150-200 seeds, chewing thoroughly. If you dip them, go for around 300-400 seeds. If you are planning ahead, and want to try LSA, you should consider getting your hands on hawaiian baby woodrose seeds as you only need to eat roughly 10-15 seeds instead of 100s. They just aren’t commonly available at retail gardening locations because they are a horrible, invasive plant lol. But you can totally find them online. All in all, 7/10. Very safe, you’d really have to do a huge dose, like tens of thousands of times the normal dose of LSA be in any danger. Albeit, the husks of the seeds do make a lot of people feel nauseous.


Now this is a drug for real men. For one, it’s literally a fucking nightshade. If that won’t put hair on your chest, then what will? Let me introduce you to the devil’s trumpet, aka jimsonweed aka Datura. This motherfucker produces 3 different drugs. The seeds produce a chemical called scopolamine. It is used as a prescription level anti-motion sickness drug. At the right dose, it also turns individuals to zombies who listen to every suggestion that is made to them (aka you gonna get your bank account cleared or your house robbed and with YOUR help lol). The leaves and flowers produce 2 more drugs, atropine and hyoscyamine, both of which also have medical value in prescription drugs when properly dosed. But both also are insanely powerful deliriants, especially atropine. I mean like talking to people who just aren’t there but you think are there but you are so high that you forgot that you are high and can’t even recognize the absurdity of any hallucination you are having because once again you forgot you are hallucinating; fuck lol you even forgot what it even is to forget. You probably don’t even know what your name is at this point but you may be having a full on conversation with your dog in the bathroom mirror. Definitely a 10/10 experience. Not safe at all and it could totally kill you if you dose too high. Again, nightshade lol.