About the Rules category

This community will adhere to numerous conformities intended to maintain a level of synchrony which will help shape an edifying tonality. In current life there are many inhibitions that abuse our instinctual imperatives limiting one’s capacity for true meaning. Accountability, self awareness and open mindedness working in conjunction nullify the unhealthy limiting practices that are presently normal. To facilitate growth one must be diligent and willing to be illustrative which is why the totality of topics presented here will be devoid of the following:

  • Explicit content in image, video and written formats. Nothing suggestive, discard common phrases that are associated with this. Instead if it’s applicable deploy wording that conveys the intended meaning but in a delicate manner. Will Be Strongly Enforced.
  • Egocentrism illustrated in the form of bragging and assertions of being superior. Demonstration of achievement is permissible as long as it’s easily perceived that the poster is hoping to extract encouragement.
  • Hostility in disagreements that result in attempts of putting another down, name calling and refusal to compromise.
  • Swearing for the sake of it. Acceptable only in instances that are designed to display humor and as a recuperative effort to draw attention to important neglections.
  • Spamming unsolicited commercial messages.
  • Trolling of any sort.

While at times particular sections of the platform may highlight a rather grim reality, it is important to note that, although much of the distressful unearthing’s can be applicable in the variance of the platform it will not always be the focal point. Rather it is encouraged that there be a wide array of characteristic demonstration encompassing the positives of the human mind and heart. Releasing and receiving emotions from the portrayals of humor, insights, experiences and optimism.